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Welcome to Gallant Africa online!

Gallant Development Technologies (Pty) Limited trading as Gallant Africa is a Pan African privately owned company incorporated in South Africa.

We specialise in creating value for clients by providing projects and engineering solutions for the development, construction and maintenance of facilities with expertise in upstream & downstream oil and gas, other energy sector and pharmaceutical projects across Africa.

Leveraging the skills of our expert staff with over thirty years’ industry experience, we create such value by providing the following services:

  • Seismic analysis and interpretation in upstream oil & gas exploration.
  • Development and maintenance of manufacturing, storage, distribution and marketing facilities in;
    o Downstream oil & gas (terminals, service stations, etc.)
    o Pharmaceuticals
  • Business development and transformation solutions in the industries we operate in
  • Health, safety, security, environment & quality compliance management (HSSEQ)
  • Project management
  • Development of standards, processes, procedures, skills transfer and capacity building